China-Thailand visa exemption attracts Thai tourists|Updated: March 7, 2024


China-Thailand visa exemption agreement took effect on March 1. Chinese and Thai citizens holding ordinary passports will be allowed to enter and stay in each other’s countries visa-free for up to 30 days.

On the first day after the implementation of the visa exemption agreement, the Mohan border checkpoint inspected 210 Thai tourists, a year-on-year increase of 200 percent. Since this year, it has inspected 6,048 Thai tourists in total. 


The Mohan border checkpoint has added travel inspection channels and enables online declaration. Besides, more inspectors specializing in Thai language are hired as a guide and the bilingual teaching videos are created to help Thai travelers fill in the arrival card. Moreover, it strengthens the coordination with customs, port visa, and other department and timely releases the real-time traffic at ports to effectively guide passengers.

“This is my second time to travel in China. After the launch of the mutual visa exemption agreement, most of the time and money spent for applying visa has been saved and it is more convenient for us to enter China. I will visit China again,” Yuenyongviwat Visarl, a Thai tourist said happily.


"After the implementation of the visa-free policy, it is much easier for Thai tourist groups to enter China. It has greatly reduced the cost for Thai tourists and facilitated overseas Chinese in Thailand to visit relatives and friends in China," the guide Yubo said.

Chen Yunya, deputy general manager of Yunnan Renda International Travel, said, "Since the announcement of the mutual visa exemption policy between China and Thailand, the number of consulting calls from two countries’ peoples has risen sharply, and the number of received orders for Thai tour groups has increased by about 50% year-on-year."