Over 100 folk paintings are on display in Chenggong

km.gov.cn|Updated: March 7, 2024


A folk painting exhibition opened in Chenggong district, Kunming, on March 5, showcasing over 100 folk paintings and allowing visitors to experience the charm of this kind of  intangible cultural heritage item up close.


Recently, Starbucks collaborated with four folk painters from Yunnan to create vibrant spring-themed art on coffee cups. Among them, folk painting inheritors Zhuo Liping and Luo Lizhen from Chenggong were invited. They created "Spring Plowing in Chenggong" and "Spring Scenery of Laoyuhe River," respectively. At the Starbucks event held on the same day, Zhuo Liping and Luo Lizhen shared their stories of painting spring on coffee cups.


Ms. Tian, who was deeply impressed, said, "These paintings are vibrant, delicate, and well-composed. You can see farmers working in the fields, the joy of harvest, and the unique rural charm. You can feel the authors' love for life in the paintings."

The development of modern folk painting in Chenggong began in the early 1980s, and in 2017, it was listed as the district-level intangible cultural heritage item. Currently, there are more than 40 folk painters and 9 inheritors in the district, who have collectively created over 700 works.


Among these works, over 80 have been selected for national exhibitions, over 100 for provincial exhibitions.