Music and flowers: Urban concert held at Dounan Flower Market|Updated: February 29, 2024


The first urban concert at Kunming in 2024, "Rhythm of Flowers," was held at the Dounan Flower Market on Feb 27. It featured 17 selected classic songs related to flowers and spring.


Recognized as Asia's largest fresh-cut flower trading market, the Dounan Flower Market is pivotal in the flower industry. Nestled on the eastern shores of Dianchi Lake in Kunming, Yunnan province, this market is a crucial hub for flower growing and distribution. Every day, more than 20 million flowers are sold from Dounan to over 50 regions and countries.


The concert kicked off with "Voices of Spring Waltz," with artists wearing flower crowns performing among the flowers. The beautiful melody attracted the attention of residents and tourists.


According to Chai Qinyuan, the conductor of the Nie Er Symphony Orchestra, this concert at Dounan is mainly themed around spring and flowers, to suit the ambiance of Dounan.


Zhao Juanya from Jilin and her friends came to Yunnan for a tour and visited the Dounan Flower Market. They happened to encounter this grand concert and were excited. She said, "The Kunming Nie Er Symphony Orchestra is a representative orchestra of Kunming. Dounan's flowers are famous worldwide. One enjoys the joy brought by music in the fragrance of flowers."