Laoyuhe Park's one million tulips in bloom|Updated: February 27, 2024


The 9th Tulip Flower Exhibition at Laoyuhe Park in Kunming opened to the public since Feb 1, with 22 varieties of nearly one million tulips gradually blooming. The exhibition has attracted many tourists and citizens to come and enjoy the flowers and take photos. The flower exhibition will continue until early March.

The exhibition covers an area of about 15 acres and uses high-quality bulbs imported from the Netherlands. Among them, there are classic varieties and new varieties, with different blooming periods.

The flower exhibition has reasonably planted tulips of different varieties according to their colors, flowering periods, and plant heights, ensuring that the plants blossom consecutively, thereby extending the overall exhibition period. In addition, to enrich the visitors' experience, the greenhouse science park next to the tulip flower exhibition also holds exhibitions on insects.