Yunnan University opens to society|Updated: February 2, 2024


Starting from Feb 1, Yunnan University is officially opening its campus to the public. The campus is accessible to the public daily from 8:00 to 20:00. Individuals from the community can make reservations through the official WeChat account. 


If the number of same-day reservations does not exceed the set limit, members of the public can enter the campus by presenting their ID card at the gate, after completing identity verification through the access control system.


Alumni are also welcome to enter the campus by registering with their alumni card (physical or electronic) at the gate.


Visitors to Yunnan University can enjoy various activities such as strolling through Donglu Garden to admire the sea of camellias, feeding squirrels, and taking a leisurely walk along the gingko tree-lined path. At the Chenggong campus, visitors can experience the beauty of cherry blossoms, observe fish in lakes, and witness swans gracefully swimming.