Mohan port registers over one million travelers|Updated: September 18, 2023


As of September 5, more than one million passengers from 64 countries and regions have used the Mohan Border checkpoint. Additionally, the number of inbound and outbound vehicles has reached 236,914.

Mohan port is the largest national-level land port between China and Laos. It has become an important pivot point for the Belt and Road Initiative and a key gateway to the China-Southeast Asia region, attracting a large number of foreigners for both tourism and business purposes.

This year, the flow of inbound and outbound passengers at Mohan Port has steadily increased, from an initial average of 3,000 persons per day to 8,000 persons per day.

In particular, since the launch of the China-Laos international passenger trains on April 13, the flow of inbound and outbound passengers at Mohan Railway Port has shown a steady growth trend, with an average of over 500 persons per day.

A Laotian traveler said that "It's very convenient since the launch of the China-Laos Railway”. The train journey ensured her first trip to China was smooth and enjoyable.

Qian Huifei from Shanghai accompanied her parents on a trip to Laos. Although there are direct flights to Vientiane, she still chose to fly to Kunming and take the train from there. She said, “It’s more comfortable for my parents to travel by train. The high-speed train is fast, and the internet signal is good.”

Regarding the customs clearance procedures, passengers generally found them convenient as the train attendants provided guidance in advance, giving them a hassle-free experience.

It is reported that in order to cope with the continuous and rapid growth of inbound and outbound passenger flow at the port, the Mohan border checkpoint has implemented over 10 convenient customs clearance measures.

These measures have greatly facilitated the passage of inbound and outbound travelers. The inspection time for passengers has been reduced by more than 30 percent, and passenger satisfaction has consistently remained above 99.98 percent.