Kunming tourism sizzles this Summer

km.gov.cn|Updated: September 8, 2023


As one of this summer’s tourism hotspots, Kunming has witnessed a 46 percent increase in summer tourism orders compared to last year.

In July and August this year, Kunming Changshui International Airport ranked 6th among the busiest airports in China.

The number of visitors to Kunming’s old streets and alleys also saw a significant rise, with wild mushroom hot pot restaurants and Yunnan cuisine eateries operating at full capacity.

Kunming’s pleasant weather and abundant cultural and tourism resources also attracted many families to spend their summer vacation. According to travel platform Ctrip, family trips saw the fastest growth, with an increase in orders of over 50 percent compared with that of summer 2019.

Zhan Can, the manager of Yunnan Sanxing Tourism Ltd., stated, “We specialize in family trips and study tours. This summer, our orders have more than doubled compared to the same period last year, with around 5,000 visitors. Overnight stays at the marine museum, bookstores, and other venues, as well as labor education programs like ‘xiao cha nong” (small tea farmers) and “xiao nong fu” (young farmers), and sports-related activities such as biking around Dianchi Lake, are all popular among tourists.”

Kunming Zoo, Yunnan Ethnic Village, Yunnan Wildlife Park, Colorful Yunnan Paradise, and the Yunnan Provincial Museum were the top five most popular attractions in Kunming this summer.

This summer, the Yunnan Provincial Museum implemented a reservation system allowing a maximum of 12,000 visitors per day. Data shows that from July 1st to 25th alone, the museum received approximately 240,000 visitors, with nearly 70 percent of them being from outside the province, mainly from Sichuan, Guizhou, and Hunan.

Festive celebrations also added to the lively atmosphere in Kunming. According to Ctrip data, during the three-day Torch Festival, tourism orders for the Stone Forest area increased 51-fold compared to the previous year, while hotel bookings in the Stone Forest region grew 66-fold.