Kunming’s Hebosuo site among top 10 archaeological discoveries in 2022

km.gov.cn| Updated: March 17, 2023


The Hebosuo relics site in Kunming’s Jining district has been shortlisted for the top 10 new archaeological discoveries in China in 2022.

On Feb 25, more than 10 historians and archaeological experts from across China gathered in Jinning district to discuss the follow-up excavation, research, protection and utilization of the Hebosuo site.


The Hebosuo relics site is believed to be the living quarters of the ancient Dian Kingdom (278-109 BC). Building ruins, graves, and over 2,000 other cultural relic items, such as sealing clays, bamboo and wooden slips, and jade ware were unearthed.

The ancient Dian Kingdom was defeated by the then-ruler of the Western Han Dynasty (202 BC-25 AD) , and was incorporated into the territory of the dynasty at the Yizhou region.


Other important discoveries are the sealing clays, bamboo and wooden slips, which preserve the identity of local officials and scripts at that time.

Along with the building ruins, a road with a width of 12 meters, tiles, and eaves tiles indicate that the administrative center of Yizhou Jun, or Yizhou Prefecture, was near the site.