Kunming helps Mohan achieve outstanding development

km.gov.cn|Updated: March 15, 2023


Since Kunming took over Mohan in May 2022, it has become the sole provincial capital city in China with both border lines and a border port. It was a concrete action taken by Yunnan province and Kunming to integrate the city into the national development strategy and speed up the construction of a radiation center facing South and Southeast Asia.

Since then, Mohan has developed at a rapid "Kunming Speed".

Kunming and Mohan are located at two railway nodes in the domestic section of the China-Laos railway. The opening of the international railway drives the development of trade and industry and bolsters the industrial chain and supply chain system serving South and Southeast Asia.


Mohan saw its total volume of import and export goods topping 5.67 million tons, with a year-on-year growth of 58.2 percent. The total volume of foreign trade was 43.34 billion yuan($6.29 billion), up 98.99 percent year-on-year.

Kunming's five major urban districts and Anning city have established a cooperation mechanism to help with the development of Mohan’s six border villages, working out detailed planning for each village.


The lives of the people of Mohan are getting better. All the six administrative villages gained access to cement roads, tap water, and the villages are fully covered by 5G network.

The improvement of infrastructures and the continuous investment have also attracted more enterprise investments. Last year, Kunming has obtained 400 billion yuan of orders in Chengdu, Fuzhou, Shenzhen and the 6th South Expo. Among those orders, 22 signed projects were the bonus of China-Laos railway opening and Mohan. During the CIIE, Kunming has reached investment cooperation intentions with more than 10 enterprises.


The Mohan-Boten Cooperation Zone has completed the preliminary reserve of 84 major projects with a total investment of 61.53 billion yuan. The China-Laos international logistics industry, cross-border tourism medical and health care industry, import and export processing and manufacturing industry, and Southeast Asian financial and trade industry are also gathering at an accelerated pace.