Kunming builds modern border demonstration villages

km.gov.cn|Updated: March 9, 2023


Shanggang village

Kunming recently held a meeting to speed up the construction of Mohan, in a bid to make the town a model modern border village in Southwest China's Yunnan province.

Mohan Town has six border administrative villages and 66 village groups under its jurisdiction, and it is under the management of Kunming.

To boost the development of the six border administrative villages, Kunming's five major urban districts and Anning city have established a cooperation mechanism to help with the development of the six villages along the border, launching an overall plan and working out detailed planning for each village.

Shanggang village is one of six villages of Mohan Town, featuring 218 quaint traditional stilted buildings of the Dai ethnic group, clean and tidy roads, and well-designed gardens for each household.


Mengla county

 "Since the start of building modern border villages, Panlong district has held special meetings on the development of Shanggang village and conducted field visits, learning about difficulties and problems that urgently need to be solved," said a person with the district.

In Shanggang village, the culture and customs of the Dai people have been well preserved, so the construction of the village will focus on the quaintness and ethnic minority style.

In addition, Kunming provides financial guarantee for the co-construction of the six villages, providing each district (city) with no less than 10 million yuan($1.44 million).


In view of the fact that Mohan Town is a border area where Dai, Han, Hani, Miao, Yao, Lahu, Blang and other ethnic groups live together, Kunming will strive to stimulate the endogenous power for rural development in an innovative way and build the six modern border villages between China and Laos.

Mohan aims to develop into a modern and international port city with a beautiful ecological environment, complete functions, and active economic development, and give full play to its role in boosting the Belt and Road initiative.