The landscape of blooming Kunming| Updated: March 9, 2023


Bright red Chinese Quince flowers in Tanhua Temple Park

As we enter spring and the temperature rises, Kunming is transformed by the blooming of flowers, attracting visitors in droves.


Magnolia flowers in Tanhua Temple Park

More than 800 Chinese Quince plants are in full bloom in Tanhua Temple Park in the east of the city. The brilliant red scenery, interspersed with white papayas, is one of the city's most breathtaking attractions. Tanhua Temple Park is also famous for its Magnolia flowers. The pink and white petals drown visitors' in a floral sea. 


White cherry blossoms in Mihu Village, Yiliang County

The "Cherry Sea of Yuantong Mountains" has been one of Kunming's traditional scenes for nearly a century, making Kunming the place to go to appreciate cherry blossoms. It is now golden time to take in the blooming climax of the flower in the city.


Tulips in Laoyu River Wetland Park

To the south of Kunming, Laoyu River Wetland Park is also crowded with visitors flocking to see millions of golden Tulips.


Rape flowers in Wolong Ancient Fishing village, Chenggong district

The colorful rape flowers have entered full bloom in Wolong Ancient Fishing village, Chenggong. This village, with its well-preserved traditional residences of old Kunming, attracts tourists to explore its story.

Across the city, to the north, you'll find the Longquan Ancient Plum - one of the "Eight Famous Scenes" of Kunming dating back to the Qing Dynasty.

It is located near Black Dragon Pool Park. The 6.4 kilometers long road to the park is lined with plums in bloom.