Yunnan launches 2022 International Yoga Day events

Updated: June 21, 2022


[Photo by Hu Yuya and Li Xiaochao/for]

Activities marking the 2022 International Yoga Day and the China-India Cultural Exchange Event was launched on Monday at the International Communication Center of South and Southeast Asia in Yunnan province, with both online and on-site events.
The aim was to "enhance mutual learning between civilization through Yoga, work together to strengthen people-to people bond".

Experts and scholars from both home and abroad held dialogues on yoga. In addition, students from the China-India Yoga Institute (International Tai Chi Institute) of Yunnan Minzu University performed Chinese martial arts and fitness yoga.


[Photo by Hu Yuya and Li Xiaochao/for]


[Photo by Hu Yuya and Li Xiaochao/for]


[Photo by Hu Yuya and Li Xiaochao//for]


[Photo by Hu Yuya and Li Xiaochao/ for]