Flowers help Anning rural vitalization with annual 80 million cuts

Updated: June 15, 2022


Workers process flowers in Anning’s Rose World Company [Photo/Kunming News]

Anning’s Rose World Company has accelerated the application of scientific and technological fruits in planting flowers in rural areas, and has explored a path with local characteristics to push local development in agricultural tourism.

The company has  developed a new mode of unified planting, management and sales to replace the traditional rural household mode, which was more labor and cost-intensive .

Covering an area of almost 47 hectares, its flower park is now home to over 100 varieties of roses and provides 80 million fresh cut flowers each year.


In addition, it has built a soilless single-span flower shed of 10 hectares,  which is not only the largest in Asia, but is also equipped with the world’s most advanced automatic fertilizer and water integrated control system.


With the intelligent functions, including environment monitoring, fertilizer and water recycling, water-saving irrigation, smart fertilization, the shed holds a national leading role in modern flower planting.

Through the example of the company, surrounding flower planting is undergoing updates and restructuring to accelerate the integration of flower resources in Yunnan province and help cultivate new species.