Kunming pushes towards role as international logistic hub

Updated: June 10, 2022

Kunming will build port and airport logistics hubs to boost its international logistics, trade and industrial cooperation with South and Southeast Asia.

In the coming three years, a total of 83 projects, with a planned investment totaling 105 billion yuan, will be implemented to boost the infrastructure for logistics hubs. 

By 2024, Kunming envisages 1,000 international cargo trains and an annual 7 million tons of cargo passing through its railway stations.

The revenue of logistics is expected to witness an annual increase of 41 percent, and  is projected to top 500 billion yuan($74.75 billion) in 2024, equalling half of the total logistics revenue of Yunnan province.

The total export and import volume of Kunming is striving to double within three years, exceeding 300 billion yuan, and hitting an average annual growth of 26 percent.

Kunming is encouraging enterprises to establish production and service bases in South and Southeast Asia, focusing on agricultural parks, modern logistics parks, processing parks and others.