Kunming set to build international port city with Mohan

Updated: May 31, 2022

Kunming and the port city Mohan in the Xishuangbanna Dai autonomous prefecture will join hands to build an international port city.

As the two ends of the China-Laos Railway in China, the two parties will see closer ties in facilitating cross-border commercial services, international industrial cooperation and more.

The measure is expected to boost Kunming’s role in cooperation with South and Southeast Asia, and will bring benefits to the provincial economy.

The port city will be eligible to the multi-favorable policies of the Kunming FTZ and the Mohan-Moding Economic Cooperation Zone.

Seizing the opportunity brought by Laos and China’s opening-up, Kunming will continue to boost its industries, industrial parks and border economic and social developments.

Leveraging the China-Laos railway, Kunming will entice enterprises to carry out their international multimodal transport for South Asia and Southeast Asia in the region.

Local authorities will also move to promote the trade of goods and services, two-way free investment, personnel exchanges and the mutual recognition of legal services.

Kunming is also planning to invest in more international vocational education services for South Asia and Southeast Asia.

New measures are also under way to attract expat workers and entrepreneurs.