Kunming biotech company provides testing services to overseas

Updated: May 19, 2022

Shurnji, a biotech provider in the Kunming Area of China (Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone, has seen expanding acid nucleic test services in Thailand.

Being able to taking 3,000 samples per day, its business now covers more areas in Thailand.

Shurnji was one of the first companies in Kunming to produce preventive materials after the initial COVID-19 outbreak.

The company has developed high-throughput nucleic acid detection technology that can simultaneously detect more than 40 pathogens from a single sample.

At present, it has achieved rapid development and established medical laboratories in 8 regions around the country.

It established its first laboratory in Bangkok in 2019, which provided services to more than 30 medical institutions and hospitals. On average, the laboratory can return analysis results within 4 hours of receiving samples, an 80 percent reduction in time when compared to before.

In 2020, its business rocketed by 500 percent. After two years of preparation, the company unveiled its new base building covering 500 square meters this year. It plans to launch around 7 laboratories in the country.

Last year, the revenue of the company exceeded 130 million yuan($19.21million). It plans to build nucleic acid testing sites in Ireland this year, followed by opening up to the European, American and global markets.