Kunming welcomes major producer of lithium battery materials

Updated: April 28, 2022

Shanshan Technology, a new material provider based in Shanghai, signed an online agreement on Wednesday to build a production base in Anning, Kunming, with 30 tons of annual production of lithium battery anode materials.

The investment site will further consolidate the gains of Kunming in gathering lithium battery industry players and promote Yunnan’s goals in the sector.

The province is poised to develop a thriving new energy battery industry, aiming to achieve 100 billion yuan ($15.69 billion) in output in the following three years, with Kunming being an essential part. 

Industrial clusters in cities including Kunming, Qujing and Yuxi will support each other to form complete chains by 2024. Their products are expected to gain an expanding market.

Kunming authorities said they will offer more targeted policy support to the company and make sure the site starts construction and production at an early date.