Zhong Xiaoyu: Introduction of the brown sugar industry

Updated: April 17, 2022


As a leader in the new retail industry, Zhang Xiaoyu will share the history of the new retail industry and analyze the current market and the overall development of the industry with real cases. By analyzing the cases, he will also discuss and exchange ideas with the youth about the future trends of the new retail industry under the background of consumption upgrading.

In the video

Zhong will elaborate on the current situation of the brown sugar industry. He will analyze the position of Yunnan province as a major sugarcane producer in the industry, challenges and opportunities faced by Yunnan’s brown sugar industry from the perspective of market and consumption, and share experience in solving industrial problems.

Introduction of the lecturer

He is vice president of the Yunnan Youth Entrepreneurship Association and graduate of BiMBA, National School of Development, Peking University.