Jia Ruixun: How to create a celebrity account with millions of followers

Updated: April 13, 2022

As a leading member in the new media industry, the lecturer Jia Ruixun will shed light on the history of media and new media. Covering the current market situation, he will analyze cases in the new media industry to deepen the understanding and perception of this industry. By analyzing the cases, he will also discuss and exchange ideas about the trends of new media under the background of consumption upgrading.

He will share his insights on how to use new media to the benefits of rural vitalization and farmers, and how to create a million follower new media account.

In this video 

By sharing and analyzing his operating experience, Jia will show how to identify business content, how to build an IP and a business model, and how to manage followers, thus breaking down the solution to making a million follower IP.

Introduction of the lecturer

He is founder of Yunnan Xiaohua and leader of e-commerce for poverty alleviation in Yunnan province. He has walked to over 30 villages to do research. His videos on Douyin, a video platform in China, have gotten 3,000 million views in total. He has helped sell over 2,000 tons of agricultural produce in total. He has over 17 million followers on the internet.