Kunming to build sister city relationship with Armenia

Updated: December 16, 2021

At the beginning of the year, the Colombian Embassy in China replied to a letter from Jose Manuel Rios Morales, the mayor of Armenia, Colombia, to his counterpart in Kunming, Liu Jiachen. In the letter, he expressed intentions to promote  friendship between Armenia and Kunming, which received a warm response from Liu.

In April, the Colombian Embassy in China, Armenia and Kunming authorities held a video exchange meeting. Discussions and exchanges on the development of sister city relations between Armenia and Kunming were conducted, with good results and consensus.

In mid-September, Kunming received the signed "Letter of Intent to Develop Sister-City Relations between Kunming and Armenia" in Chinese, English and Spanish from the mayor of Armenia.

Liu signed an intention letter to confirm the relationship on October 28. The Colombian Embassy in China stated that it will support the bilateral sister city relationship.

Armenia is located in the west-central part of Colombia with an area of about 140 square kilometers and a population of about 300,000. It is one of the national economic centers of Colombia and a major coffee producer. Kunming has another sister city in South America, Cochabamba (Bolivia), as well as a friendly exchange city, Porto Seguro (Brazil).