Rare fish fry released into upper reaches of Yangtze

Xinhua| Updated: September 24, 2021

A total of 250,000 fry of rare fish have been released to the Jinsha River, at the upper reaches of Yangtze, a branch of the Three Gorges Group said Monday.

The releasing was the ninth of its kind by the group to boost fish stock since 2015, said Wudongde construction branch of Three Gorges Group.

About 170,000 fries of Schizothorax prenanti, a type of ray-finned fish endemic to the area, and other rare fish were released into the reservoir area of Wudongde hydropower station.

More than one million rare and endemic fish have been released into the area, it added.

The Three Gorges Group has organised breeding and releasing of rare fish to help promote the sustainable development of the Jinsha River aquatic ecology, and make efforts to conserve the Yangtze River, said Gu Gongkai, deputy chief of the branch.