Stone Forest

Updated: September 24, 2021


Stone Forest [Photo provided to]

A unique geological formation, the Stone Forest is exactly a beautiful forest of flowering lime-stone pillars.

 •Shilin Yi Autonomous County

 •7am to 7pm(no entry after 5:30pm)  07:00~18:00

 •Each summer, the Stone Forest  hosts a spectacular Torch Festival, a  major holiday of the local Yi people.

Around Stone Forest

1. Nuohei Yi Village

A traditional village of the local Yi  ethnic group famed for its houses made entirely of slate, and a  favorite spot for landscape painters.


 •Open all day

2. Shilin Ice and Snow Ocean World

A theme park combining both  snow and ocean themes, with aquariums, dolphin shows, indoor  skiing, a circus, and a family oriented hotel.

 •9am to 6pm 09:00~18:00