Resources Advantage|Updated: August 5, 2021

Mineral resources cover phosphorus, salt, copper, iron, coal, titanium, quartz sand and clay. Kunming has the largest phosphorus and salt reserves in China. The total phosphorite reserves are about 4.6 billion tons, ranking first in China. The reserves of salt total about 13.8 billion tons, ranking second in the Chinese mainland.

Boasting beautiful mountains and rivers and harmonious natural and cultural landscapes, Kunming has rich tourism resources. Currently the city has more than 50 tourism spots and one world natural heritage (Stone Forest Scenic Spot). A total of 16 scenic spots are above the A level, including one national 5A scenic spot, eight 4A scenic spots, four AAA scenic spots, two AA scenic spots and one A scenic spot. Kunming has three national scenic spots, one national holiday resort and one provincial holiday resort. Kunming has a complete tourism industrial system. By the end of February 2012, the city had 90 star hotels, including six five-star hotels, 22 four-star hotels, 37 three-star hotels, 24 two-star hotels and one one-star hotel. A total of 308 travel agencies are located in Kunming, of which 30 are certified to arrange overseas tours. Nearly 100 conferences and exhibitions are held in Kunming every year. The Kunming Carnival has already become one of the most influential tourism festival brands in West China, and the China International Tourism Fair and Kunming Trade Fair have become some of the most recognized industrial fairs worldwide. Kunming has already become an important and popular tourism city in China and an important distribution center for China to reach Southeast Asia and South Asia.