Crossing-the-bridge noodles|Updated: June 2, 2021


Typical crossing-the-bridge noodles [Photo/IC]

过桥米线(guò qiáo mǐ xiàn)

Rice noodles are popular among local residents, and the nationally renowned crossing-the-bridge noodles is a must-try snack food in Kunming. Legend has it that a wife prepared the noodles for her husband every day and she had to cross a bridge to take it to the hard-working man. Hence the name: crossing-the-bridge noodles.

The dish is a rice noodle soup mixed with pork, chicken and vegetables. Visitors can eat authentic crossing-the-bridge noodles in many chain restaurants in Kunming, such as Qiaoxiangyuan (桥香园) and Jianxinyuan (建新园).