Yunnan Agricultural University|Updated: August 9, 2019


A museum at Yunnan Agricultural University [Photo/VCG]

Yunnan Agricultural University, established in 1938, is a provincial key university in Kunming, Yunnan's capital city.

The university has four campuses – the main campus, Wuhua campus, Pu'er campus and Xishuangbanna campus – and covers 254 hectares and a building area of 697,000 square meters. The teaching and research equipment in the university are worth of 336.23 million yuan ($47.72 million).

The library has a collection of 1.72 million paper books, 831 kinds of printed journals, 31,000 kinds of electronic periodicals, 2.28 million electronic books and 50 databases in Chinese and foreign languages.

The university has set up 22 colleges, covering farming, aquaculture, water conservancy and hydropower, agricultural engineering, agricultural economic management and several humanities and social science disciplines. It has 25,684 students on campus including about 200 overseas students. It has opened 79 undergraduate programs, including six national distinctive majors and seven provincial distinctive majors.

The university employs 1,828 staff members with over 700 holding senior titles. It also employs one academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and 19 experts enjoying provincial allowances.

The university has carried out international cooperation and communication with 75 universities from 23 countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Germany, South Korea, France, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam and Slovenia.

Official website: (Chinese)
95 Jinhei Rd, Panlong district, Kunming, Yunnan province (eastern part of the main campus)
452 Fengyuan Rd, Panlong district, Kunming, Yunnan province (western of the main campus)