The First People's Hospital of Yunnan Province|Updated: June 20, 2019


The First People's Hospital of Yunnan Province [Photo/]

The First People's Hospital of Yunnan Province, also known as the Affiliated Hospital of Kunming University of Science and Technology, was established in April 1939.

After decades of development, the hospital has become one of the most advanced comprehensive 3A-grade hospitals with strong medical service ability in Yunnan province.

As the affiliated hospital of Kunming University of Science and Technology and the authorized international aid hospital, it has been undertaking multiple missions such as medical treatment, clinical teaching, scientific research, prevention, healthcare, guidance at basic level hospitals, foreign medical services as well as disaster first aid.

The hospital occupies more than 50,000 square meters and has a total building area of over 300,000 sq m. It has 63 clinical departments and medical laboratories, including 23 key clinical specialties at national or provincial level and five clinical medical centers of Yunnan province.

There are 2,400 patient beds at the hospital, and the annual number of outpatient visits is more than 2 million, with nearly 90,000 patients discharged each year. About 77,000 surgical operations are conducted at the hospital every year. The hospital's comprehensive medical service ability ranks among the best in the province.

The hospital employs 3,749 staff members, with 562 of those professors or vice-professors. The hospital has various advanced medical facilities such as 3.0T MRI, CT scanners, SPECT, X-ray machines with DSA and full digital ultrasound machines.

In recent years, the hospital has carried out frequent international communication and cooperation with prestigious medical institutions in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan and Israel.

The hospital has formed medical consortiums with 215 hospitals in Yunnan and has supported the development of 20 county-level hospitals in the province. Since the 1960s, the hospital has offered medical support and healthcare services for countries including Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand.

Address: 157 Jinbi Rd, Xishan district, Kunming, Yunnan province
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